Moving Towards Vision 2020


(2016 Events Review)

In 2015, with advice from Professor PY Chu of National Chiao Tung University , and over one year’s discussion, Everlight Chemical drew up Vision 2020: “To be a sustainable and innovative global company, providing green-chemistry solutions for better life.” This is the goal everyone is working toward.

Providing green chemical solutions is our mission. Everlight Chemical is a leader of the industry for implementing the concept of green chemical processes from research and development to production. As globalization continues, we need not only chemical engineers and technological elite but also pioneers willing to explore new territories.

Since the Honorary Chairman set up Everlight Chemical, the company has dedicated itself to being an “enterprise of happiness,” helping people feel secure and develop full potential, while contributing to society. Plant III’s reception of the Ministry of Labor’s 2016 Work-Life Balance Award shows that true success is not just about work achievement but a balanced life with family, health, and recreation. Now I will talk about how to build an “enterprise of happiness” in three stages.