Trends and Solutions for Green Leather (Session 1 – 8/24)


Session 1 –  8/24

15:00 The Challenge and Possibility of Leather Industry

Thomas C. J. Yu – President

President Thomas C. J. Yu has been promoting and developing leather chemicals for 25 years. In this webinar, President Yu will share about sustainability and circular economy of leather industry, and the possibilities where leather industry can walk their path out of dilemma of over-waste of unsustainable resource and excess of unbiodegradable synthetic waste.


15:30 Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Leather Dyes

Paul Liang – Engineer, Technical Service for Leather

Everlight Chemical deeply recognizes the limited resources of the earth and the importance of “sustainable development”. Therefore, we provide safe and environment-friendly dyes to ensure the safety for humans and the environment–Chromium Free series, Aniline Free series and Metal Free series.


16:00 Roadmap to Zero through ZDHC Programme _Leather Industry

Shinne Li – ZDHC Implementation Manager

Ms. Shinne Li has rich experience in Leather Chemicals. In this webinar, Ms. Li will present on how the ZDHC Guidelines and Solutions can support the leather industry towards sustainable chemical practices to protect consumers, workers and the environment.