Trends and Solutions for Green Textiles! (Session 1 – 6/2)


Powering Our Sustainability Journey – Trends and Solutions for Green Textiles!

Textiles are indispensable in our daily life. With the development of technology, textiles and related technology are also changing rapidly. In addition to comfort, the demand for product features has also led to various functions. Further, the request for the production process has advanced from automation to energy saving and emission reduction.

With 50 years of experience in the textile industry, Everlight Chemical knows the new generation of textiles should fulfill the corporate responsibility and meet the three critical aspects of “consumer expectations,” “brand safety regulations,” and “environmental and social governance (ESG).” 

In this post-pandemic era, We invited ZDHC and many experts in the textile industries, together with Everlight’s technical experts, to hold the virtual conference of Trends and Solutions for Green Textiles. Every Thursday in June, we will share the future trends of the textile industry, the needs of brands, and the latest technological developments online. Moreover, in Everlight Chemical’s virtual expo, we will present the latest environmental solutions for textile applications. 

Welcome to join us online to explore the sustainability journey!  

15:00 Judy Chen – Lenzing Director of Global Business Development

Subject: Turn Climate Commitment Into Action

Lenzing is the world-leading sustainable cellulose fiber manufacturer. In the webinar, Ms. Judy Chen will present what is the outlook of Lenzing-specialty fibers, and what is the latest new development technology—the current and the future of Lenzing. 

15:30 Demian Yeh – Technical Manager

Subject: Bio-Light ERC Process – Integration of Lyocell Dyeing

Conventional dyeing processes still have some technical issues, such as un-leveling or over fibrillation, and pilling issues. “Bio-Light ERC process” is a green dyeing technology that can not only  shorten the total dyeing process, but also achieve an excellent leveling and clean surface for standard Lyocell, creating an eco-friendly and textile industry.

16:00 George Lin – Chief Engineer

Subject: Sharing of Applications of Textile Smart Manufacturing

Mr. George Lin will share some cases to present how smart manufacturing can solve three major problems in the textile industry: the quality of personnel, production history records and the collaborative efficiency of the industrial chain.