Excellent Quality and Reproducibility

Suitable for All Kind of Leather
Excellent Quality and Reproducibility
High Exhaustion
Well Compatibility
Main Colors

Yellow F8G

Yellow 4G

Yellow F2G

Yellow MR

Yellow F4R

Yellow 3R

Orange 2GL

Orange GTL

Orange F2R

Orange F4R



Red F3R

Red DR

Red R

Red SB

Red F9B

Bordeaux V

Green EG

Green EBS

Green F3B

Grey EGC

Grey EGN

Grey EBL

Grey F3Y

Blue F2G

Blue F4G

Blue FBL

Blue F3B

Blue F4B

Blue F3R

Blue B

Blue RL

Blue 6B

Blue TB

Blue F5B

Blue N

Violet 4BS

Navy ENB

Cyanine 5R