Excellent affinity, economical, wide color gamut

Everpulp® liquid dyes has outstanding backwater fastness and shade consistency, suitable for kraft paper, color paper, tissue, building materials, air filters and food packaging.

Main Colors

Yellow 6G Liq.

Yellow 4GL Liq.

Yellow 2GL Liq.

Yellow GL Liq.

Yellow GA-C Liq.

Yellow 2R Liq.

Orange 2R Liq.

Orange 2G Liq.

Brown IP Liq.

Red 2G Liq.

Red BL Liq.

Red 2B Liq.

Red 3B Liq.

Blue R Liq.

Blue 2R Liq.

Blue SP Liq.

Turquoise R Liq.

Blue 2BL Liq.

Violet BL Liq.

Violet 3B Liq.

Violet 5B Liq.

Black BSL Liq.