Evereco® PUR-2301

Low-temperature / low-viscosity PUR adhesive. It is suitable for low-temperature processing (such as TPU / PE film ...). Due to the low operating temperature, it can save energy consumption and achieve environmental protection and energy saving. It also has good hydrolysis resistance. If the laminated fabric needs to have good hydrolysis resistance, Evereco PUR-2301 will meet your needs.

Medium temperature Medium viscosity PUR adhesive
New generation reactive hot melt PUR adhesive
Good green strength and Good bonding strength
Solvent free / without Organotin / Hazard substance free
  • Medium temperature Medium viscosity PUR adhesive
  • Resistance to solvent and heat / No shedding
  • TPU / PU / PE / e-PTFE Membrane Lamination
  • With or Without Water Repellent Lamination