Evertex PLF-01 Application & Advantages

Lightfastness improving agent for polyester and polyester blender fabrics, especially like home textile and automotive textile. Even in high-temperature environments or high-temperature heat-setting process, it can maintain good product performance.

Product Features
Excellent Dyeing Properties
Excellent improving for lightfastness
Excellent Heat & Sublimation stability
Solid shade consistency after process
High exhaustion for PET dyeing
Durable to reduction clearing
Dyeing Application (Exhaust Dyeing)
  • Evertex PLF-01 is compatible with disperse dyes for one bath dyeing
  • Usage Recommendation: 2% ~ 5% o.w.f;pH:4-5
Dyeing Application (Pad-Dry-Thermosol)
  • Usage Recommendation: 20g/L ~ 50g/L;pH:5~6
  • Dry: 100 ~ 140℃
  • Thermosol: 190 ~ 210℃ 60 ~ 90Sec
Lightfastness Improvement
Lightfastness Improvement | Everlight Colorants The information presented here are based upon work carried out with utmost care, but cannot be extended to cover every possible situation.