A novel reactive dyestuff range with superb color yield

in Continuous and Cold Pad-Batch dyeing

Properties in Cold Pad-Batch and Continuous dyeing
Medium substantiviity
  • Everzol ED dyes designed on medium substantivity to avoid tailing problem from dyestuff and achieve good wash-off property to save valuable water and energy.
High color yield and high fixation rate
  • Everzol ED dyes are easy to achieve deep color and less unfixed dyestuff in the effluent to meet the environmental benefits.
Excellent compatibility
  • Everzol ED dyes have excellent compatibility with Everzol and all of the Everzol C range in Cold Pad-Batch and continuous dyeing or Emoistfix dyeing.
  • Yellow ED-R
  • Yellow ED
  • Orange ED-4R
  • Red ED
  • Red ED-2B
  • Red ED-3B
  • Red ED-7BN
  • Red ED-S
  • Rubine ED
  • Blue ED-G
  • Blue ED
  • Blue L-ED
  • Marine ED
  • Navy ED
  • Black ED
  • Black ED-G
  • Black ED-R
  • Black EDN
  • Black ED-3R
Combinations of Trichromatic
  • Medium~Dark Shade
    • Everzol® Yellow ED
    • Everzol® Red ED
    • Everzol® Navy ED
  • Dark Critical Colors
    • Everzol® Yellow ED
    • Everzol® Red ED-3B / ED-7BN
    • Everzol® Blue L-ED
  • Heavy Shade
    • Everzol® Orange ED-4R
    • Everzol® Red ED-7BN
    • Everzol® Blue L-ED
  • Olive to Dark Green Shade
    • Everzol® Yellow ED
    • Everzol® Orange ED-4R
    • Everzol® Blue L-ED