Acid dyes

Properties Everacid A dyes
high light fastness for pale shades
high wet fastness in pale shades ; medium shades need after - treatment
outstanding migration and excellent levelling properties
very good cover age on physical barriness e.g . barre '
fully color - yield in trichromies
metal - free
simple dyeing method
Everacid® A dyes
  • Yellow A-FG
  • Yellow A-4R
  • Red A-RL
  • Bordeaux A-RL
  • Blue A-RRL
  • Blue A-RL
Properties Everacid N dyes
good build - up for medium - heavy shades
moderate to excellent light fastness properties
good wet fastness for medium depths ; heavy shades require after - treatment .
medium to good migration
good coverage on barriness
trichromatic and suitable for single dyeing
simple dyeing method
mainly metal-free(except blacks)
Everacid® N dyes
  • Yellow N-5GW
  • Yellow N-MR
  • Yellow N-3RL
  • Yellow N-3R
  • Orange N-G
  • Orange N-GTL
  • Red N-B
  • Red N-2BL
  • Red N-FGS
  • Red N-RFL
  • Red N-RFN
  • Red Brown N-V
  • Rubine N-5BL
  • Turq. Blue N-GRL
  • Blue N-AFN
  • Blue N-RL
  • Cyanine N-5R
  • Dark Green N-A
  • Blue Black N-10B
  • Black LDN
  • Black MR
  • Black LD
  • Black ACE
  • Black CP LIQ.
Properties Everacid® S dyes
brilliant acid dyes
very good build-up and levelness on nylon
excellent light fastness properties for deep shades
very high wet fastness properties in deep shades
moderate coverage on barriness
good compatibility
simple dyeing method
medium migration
Everacid® S dyes
  • Yellow S-7G
  • Yellow S-4GL
  • Orange S-GSN
  • Red S-GS
  • Red S-3B
  • Red S-BL
  • Rhodamine S-BN
  • Violet S-RWN
  • Blue S-BLW
  • Blue S-2R
  • Trichromatic dyes for pale - medium shades
    • Everacid Yellow A-4R
    • Everacid Red A-RL
    • Everacid Blue A-RL
  • Trichromatic dyes for Medium shades
    • Everacid Yellow N-3R
    • Everacid Red N-2BL
    • Everacid Blue N-RL
  • Trichromatic dyes for deep shades
    • Everacid Orange N-GTL
    • Everacid Rubine N-5BL
    • Everacid Cyanine N-5R
  • Everacid S
    • Everacid Srange isspecially designed for brilliant colors for nylon . It is dominant as single shade dyeing . For certain shades , the shading by Everacid N , S dyes will becombined .
Standard process for dyeing polyamide / cellulosic fibre blends
Standard process for dyeing polyamide / cellulosic fibre blends | Everlight Colorants