Everacid® S Dyes

Everacid S range is especially designed for brilliant colors for nylon(polyamide) dyeing. Differetial to traditional trichromatics, Everacid S range is dominant as single shade dyeing. For certain shades, the shading by Everacid A, N, S dyes will be combined.

Brilliant Acid Dyes
For Nylon/Elastane blends
Unique wet fastness
Versatile application
Everacid® S dyes
  • Yellow S-7G
  • Yellow S-4GL
  • Orange S-GSN
  • Red S-GS
  • Red S-3B
  • Red S-BL
  • Red S-GWN
  • Rhodamine S-BN
  • Violet S-RWN
  • Blue S-BLW
  • Blue S-2R
  • Turq. S-5G
  • Green S-6GW