High Fastness Performance Acid Dyes for Nylon and Nylon/Elastane Dyeing

Extremely high fastness demands are essential for high value-adding functional nylon apparels and textiles. Everset PA acid dyes are technically designed for high fastness performance nylon functional textiles.

Characteristics of Everset PA
Excellent Wet Fastness
  • Meet High Fastness Requirement
High Lightfastness
  • Outdoor & Sportswear
Outstanding Build-Up
  • Ultrafine Nylon Fiber
High Chlorinated Water Fastness
  • Textiles of Chlorine - Resistent Requirment
Everset® PA dyes
  • Yellow PA
  • Red PA
  • Blue PA
  • Yellow PA-2G
  • Bordeaux PA
  • Navy PA
Excellent Compatibility (On-tone dyeing behavior)
Excellent Compatibility (On-tone dyeing behavior) | Everlight Colorants