Chlorinated Water Fastness Improving Agent

Improving both the wet fastness to washing and chlorine for materials dyed with reactive dyes.
Easy soluble liquid forms compose of cationic polymer, almost without side effect to light fastness.
Not only applicable on exhaustion but also padding method with finishing resin.
  • Appearance
    • Pale brown liquid
  • Component
    • Cationic polymer
  • pH
    • Weakly acid
  • Ionic
    • Cationic
  • Solubility
    • Dilute able in any amount of water
Application: The concentration used will be varied with the material, dyes and its dyed concentration. Following is the general guide of application.
  • Exhaustion
    • Evertex CF 2% ~ 4% o.w.f. at 40'C ~ 60'C for 20 minutes then rinsing and drying after treatment
  • Padding
    • Evertex CF 5 g/l ~ 30 g/l then drying