Evertex NLF-01 Nylon Lightfastness improving agent

Improve lightfastnessfor Nylon and Wool fabric

Product Features
Excellent improvement for lightfastness
Solid shade consistency after processing
Compatible with acid dyesfor one bath dyeing
Able to improve lightfastness of Rhodamine color (*Slight color change would happen)
AATCC 16-3 Lightfastness Improvement
AATCC 16-3 Lightfastness Improvement | Everlight Colorants The information presented here are based upon work carried out with utmost care, but cannot be extended to cover every possible situation.
Dyeing Application (With Dyeing Bath)
  • Evertex NLF-01 is compatible with acid dyes for one bath dyeing
  • pH:4-5
  • Usage Recommendation:3% ~5% o.w.f
Dyeing Application (Post-treatment)
  • Usage Recommendation:30-50g/L
  • Pick up:100%
  • pH:4.5-5.0
  • Curing:150-160℃x 60-90 Sec

※ With the post-treatment process, the performance may be affected by the washing method and frequency.