Everzol Black EDN

Everzol Black EDN is an innovative reactive black dyes aimed for “Reducing Effluent & Easy Wash- Off”. Such green concept products will benefit the textile dyers to find breakthroughs and improve competitiveness

Saving Energy & Reducing Effluent
Highly suitable for extra short liquor ratio dyeing.
High wash-off supported by high fixation.
Less effluent, less environmental impact
Value-Added Benefit
Excellent levelness
Outstanding R.F.T.
Low Nylon/Lycra cross-dyeing for cotton blends dyeing.
Everzol Black EDN
Everzol®  Black  EDN - Everzol Black EDN | Everlight Colorants
Commercial Reactive Dyes
Everzol®  Black  EDN - Commercial Reactive Dyes | Everlight Colorants
Recommended Trichromatic
  • Everzol Yellow ED
  • Everzol Yellow ED-R
  • Everzol Red ED-3B
  • Everzol Red ED-7BN
  • Everzol Black EDN
Wash-Off Residual
Everzol®  Black  EDN - Wash-Off Residual | Everlight Colorants
COD (mg/l) - Dyeing & Wash-Off
Everzol®  Black  EDN - COD (mg/l) - Dyeing & Wash-Off | Everlight Colorants
Cotton/Nylon/Lycra (Cross-Dyeing)
Cotton/Nylon/Lycra (Cross-Dyeing) | Everlight Colorants
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