A Real Golden Yellow Reactive Dye Non-photochromism

High performance in Exhaustion, CPB and Continuous dyeing.
Excellent stability of padding liquor in CPB and Emoistfix process.
Broad range of color matching from pale-medium to heavy shade.
On-tone of face-back on emerized fabric.
Dyeing on Emerized Fabric
Dyeing on Emerized Fabric | Everlight Colorants
Everlight Colorants
High Performance Trichromatic
  • Pale to Medium shade
    • Everzol Yellow CE-N
    • Everzol Red LF-B (Everzol Red LF-2B)
    • Everzol Blue C-BRF
  • Medium to Dark shade
    • Everzol Yellow CE-N
    • Everzol Red ED-7BN
    • Everzol Blue L-ED (Everzol Blue C-BRF)

Another choice for non-phototropism from Everzol C range: Everzol Golden Yellow C-RN + Everzol Red C-RB133% + Everzol Navy C-GB H/C