Everzol Orange CS structures the engaging neutral trichromatic in critical shades matching with masterful expertise in dealing with Right-First-Time, levelness, and highest fastness performance. Suitable for exhaust and Cold Pad-Batch dyeing where minimum shading and reprocessing are concerned.

Suitable for trichromate for critical shade dyeing
Unique levelness & Right First Time Performance
Exceptional Lightfastness、Perspiration Lightfastness、 Chlorinated Water Fastness
Dyeing process
  • Exhaust
    • Very Good
  • Jigger
    • Very Good
  • Continuous
    • Very Good
  • CPB
    • Very Good
  • Discharge/Neutral
    • Very Good
  • Discharge/Alkaline
    • Very Good
Trichromate recommend
  • Compatibility
    • Red Brown CS
    • Olive CS
    • Grey CS
  • Supplementary
    • Yellow CS