With the change of lifestyle, the light fastness of clothing and even the perspiration light fastness is gradually required. Among the reactive dyes, red dyes are very difficult to find and it is not easy to satisfy the build-up at the same time. Everzol Red LF-4B combines high light fastness and build-up ,with wide range of application, is a recommended reactive red dye.

Excellent light and perspiration light fastness
Excellent Build-up
Economical choice for high lightfastness in mid-gamut applications
Dyeing process
  • Exhaust
    • Very Good
  • Jigger
    • Very Good
  • Continuous
    • Good
  • CPB
    • Good
  • Discharge/Neutral
    • Good
  • Discharge/Alkaline
    • Good
Trichromate recommend
  • Compatibility
    • Yellow CS
    • Orange CS
    • Grey LF
  • Supplementary
    • Yellow LX
    • Blue LX
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